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Hiatus for a few Days

Many of you mainly know me as a Miss A Fan but I have a few other fandoms as well next to it, just because I focus on Fei and Miss A the most on this blog here doesn’t mean they are my only Idol Group even if they are my favorite. 

Ladies Code has been one of my other fandoms and I hope you all understand that I am for sure not able to update my blog for a few days, first EunB and now Rise.. it doesn’t matter who of ladies code my bias is, I loved them all and nobody of them deserved to die.. to lose 2 of those angel in this short period of time is just too much, I guess you don’t even have to be a Fan of them, the news itself says everything and I am so touched by the KPop Fandom these days, thank you, just thank you. 

As a Miss A and Ladies Code Fan I ask you SayA’s please support Ladies Code and us, their Fans just like the Girls of Miss A did.

For now I will be inactive for a few days on here, I will be back though. 

Rest in Peace Rise, take care of Eun B  up there just like you did all the time before.. 

ladies’ code’s rise passed away today at 10:10am. may she rest in peace.


today, heaven gained another beautiful angel. you were too young, too talented, too amazing to leave us. in your short time on this earth, you have brought smiles to so many faces and made many people happy with your beauty, talent and personality. you fought so hard these last few days, but you are in a better place now. rest in peace, kwon risae 1991 - 2014. you will be missed.

oh yes just to inform you like— I changed my twitter since I forgot the pw to my old one— so here is my new twitter (click me